who we are

Newageasia Corporation Limited is a Hong Kong based German company providing sourcing services in South East Asia with emphasis on China. Our main focus is on industrial and trading commodities. Thereby, we act as liaisons aiming to link buyers and suppliers from different countries and accompany our customers through each step of the sourcing process, from initial contact to delivery of goods.

Through our offices located in Hong Kong, China and Turkey, we are able to identify, qualify and secure those suppliers, who meet the various requirements of our customers in the best way.

Basic idea: “Purchase makes the profit”

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Nowadays companies are faced with increasing costs and fierce competition from all over the world. To maintain a competitive edge, some of these companies are trying to reduce their costs by sourcing different materials and commodities from low-cost countries. Depending on the commodity and the purchasing volume, this can generate huge amounts of savings and improve the competitiveness. Unfortunately, due to limits in capacity and lack of experience many companies are not able to go this international step.

We offer those companies the chance to use us as an intermediary and do the first business with Asia. As we strongly believe that profit lies in procurement we want to share this recipe for success with them. Our aim is to convince companies to consider efficient and cost-oriented sourcing as an essential stepping stone of their long-term success.

Scope of business

scope of business - newageasia

The aim of newageasia is to support companies to source the right products and components from the right suppliers for competitive prices and the required quality standards. Our mission is to provide extensive and competent services on the basis of a fair relationship and mutual trust.

Our scope of business includes five main areas:

  • Sourcing
  • Quality control
  • Contract management
  • Customs clearance
  • Logistics

Careers – Join our international team

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Do you have a passion for issues such as global sourcing, supplier selection and management in Asia? Dealing with figures, very good computing and communication skills as well as excellent English and Chinese are not challenging you? You are a confident and convincing personality that can work on its own just and also in a team?

If so, newageasia is the right place for you! To improve our services for our customers we are always looking for energetic, talented, motivated people who are ready to make a difference and help us to enhance our business.

We are looking forward to receiving your application.